You have to win the crowd

This quote is taken from the Gladiator movie and is probably the most valuable lesson I learned from my previous job. Rewatch the scene for some goosebumps.

Life is all about perception. It’s not enough to be the best, it’s not enough to bring some value, you have to be liked. I was listening to a Jordan Belfort interview, you know the guy who was interpreted by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet, and his technique to sell was quite simple. If you can convince someone your product is good and the company behind it is respectable, there is a good chance that you can close that sell… if they like you.

The great think about being liked is that people are willing to overlook your flows and mistakes and listen to what you have to say. More importantly, they want to root for you. And as you can deduce, they will make everything in their power to make sure you become successful.

So how does one win the crowd?

Easier said than done, but in a nutshell, you have to be entertaining, impressing and ultimately inspiring.

Inspire people

Everyone is on a big journey, chasing their dream, being the hero of their own life. Show people your story. Be passionate about it and depending on where you are on your journey, you’ll either get help or inspire other people. In the process, you’ll attract sympathy and create a following.

A story always triggers an emotional reaction and engages others in a way no other form of communication does. When you tell a story, the listener momentarily imagines and puts himself in your shoes. That’s a powerful way to create a lasting connexion and implant your vision in their mind.

Impress people

Maximus’ story would be pointless if he wasn’t a good fighter. You need to be good GREAT at what you do. Focus on your strengths. A hero always has superpowers. Find yours and use them. people who are interested in your story will be impressed by what you’re good at and overlook your weaknesses. Remember, you’re the hero, and people usually want the hero to win.

Entertain people

All you do is kill, kill, kill. The crowd doesn't want a butcher, they want a hero. You want them to keep coming back. So don't just hack them to pieces, remember you are an entertainer.

You have to captivate the crowd, you have to make things interesting, entertaining. The public needs to associate your presence with a pleasant experience. If you cannot sell them your idea or your vision, at least make the time they gave to you enjoyable.